WHY USE A STUDIO, THERE'S A WORLD OUT THERE! I am very good at quickly developing great working relationships with people, they relax quickly, and most really rather like being photographed just being, or doing what they enjoy doing. Whether as part of a family photoshoot at Rock where we all get in the boat and go off together to a beach, or simply a walk out from home. You won't find me amongst the lists as an 'award winning photographer' - I'm too busy for all that sort of thing, and at the end of the day making you a contented customer is the highest accolade.

Baby Portraits

Memories of early life.  In awe of your baby, those tiny hands that cling to your finger, perfect feet, so small beside yours.  Eyes that stare who knows where, that learn to recognise you, to smile from their very centre.  That exquisitely formed body.  The moment that you think, “don’t you dare grow”, come to us and we will capture that memory for you.

Children Portraits

Memories of children growing up.  Your children or grandchildren, their moments of laughter, moments staring into the big world in wonder, moments of cuddles or holding hands, moments of playing in the mud. The time of discovering that there is a big adventure out there and they can be a part of it.


Teenager Portraits

Memories of teenagers, thirteen going on eighteen, eighteen going on twenty six.  Independent in the extreme but turning to you when life gets really tough.  Needing you to show them you are there and care, despite the struggles that have gone before and will doubtless carry on after, as they forge their way (or is stagger their way?) into adulthood.

The perfection of youth mingled with the growing confidence of adulthood.


Sibling Portraits

Memories of Siblings That such rewarding part of a family portrait photography session is getting siblings together. Potentially one of the most challenging, and one of the most rewarding. As they grow up it can get more challenging, siblings sometimes grow apart, for a variety of reasons, not necessarily bad, after all who wants clones! But it is also a time when the effort to get together is so valuable, as portrait photography goes taking beautiful images of brothers and sisters together can be a real anchorpoint, a time to look back on, a fixed point in this turbulent, emotional, dangerous world where the unexpected can happen so fast.

Adult Portraits

Memories of early adulthood.  The perfection of youth mingled with the growing confidence of adulthood. Leaving your teens is irrelevant to your looks, they are still at their nadir, you have moved on in life, you’re establishing roots and meaning, don’t forget the photographs!

Memories of adulthood.  The need for memories and thereby portraits does not stop with the appearance of the first line on your face – God never said you should be ashamed of your body once a wrinkle appears.  Think of some of the most magnificent photo portraits you have seen, they are of people whose faces are carved with the experience of life.  Accept yourself for what you are, just as your family and friends accept you.  You might have convinced yourself that you’re not photogenic – let us prove you wrong.  Individual portraits, done very naturally, to cherish – in private if you must, openly is preferable.  (Still afraid? – don’t be).

Memories of late adulthood.  Have you grandchildren?  They won’t want pictures of you before they knew you, they want memories of you now, you and them together.

Family Portraits

Family Portraits The central part of a family portrait photo-session. Getting everyone together to actually do the photoshoot can be a logistical nightmare, especially if it involves taking time off work, but at the end of the day the memories and pleasure that can result are without doubt worth it. Combined with individual portraits in an album, or as a large image on the wall, there is a huge reservoir of pleasure to be had.

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