New footers selected

OK so It’s been the busiest year photographing private portraits, racehorses, more wedding photography at North Cadbury Court and The Manor House Castle Combe , some fairly high profile Polo. Perhaps the most fun was photographing yachts for the fabulous charter company Sail Ionian in Greece.

I have finally got round to producing some new footers for my emails, which replaces the one of the bikini clad girls splashing their feet which attracted a bevy of light hearted complaints from a few ladies, and the opposite from others!

The first is from a portrait session done as a result of an auction of promises for the Army Benevolent Fund to which we donate a photoshoot each year.

Martin Footer120dpi

The other is a shot of HRH Prince Harry which I was commissioned to take – great fun and a great character. I know it’s a tad pretentious to use it as a footer, but hey…….

Prince Harry Footer 120 dpi


And for the Boatshow


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