Choosing a wedding photographer ? Session 11

What should I look for when choosing my wedding photographer ? Session 11. Professional bodies, Wedding Photography Insurance, and Wedding Photography Contracts.

To be a member of a professional body is helpful, most have their own set of set professional requirements that protect both you and your photographer. Some of the professional bodies to look out for are the MPA, NPA and the SWPP.

It is absolutely vital that photographer you engage to capture the details of such a special day – potentially the most important day of your life – should have full insurance cover. Why? Well for starters it shows professional commitment, secondly things do occasionally happen, the photographer puts the head of a tripod through an expensive painting at the venue or something else. Public Liability Insurance covers the photographer against liability for any accidental damage that may be caused to another person or property whilst taking pictures. The other insurance they should have is Professional Indemnity. There are a few venues around who insist on seeing evidence of the photographers insurance cover before they are allowed to work there. Understandable if there is a lot of valuable art or the like, and it would be dreadful if your chosen photographer was banned from the venue rather than be photographing your wedding.

Most professional wedding photographers will issue a contract, but it is worth checking how professional it is – is it something they have cobbled together with a touch of cut and paste from another photographer, or has it been checked by a lawyer. Some of the professional bodies have standard contracts for their members to use, and these are probably the most reliable for general use. If you are having an extra-ordinary wedding it is worth checking that you and your chosen wedding photographer have a set of extras so that you are both protected, know where you stand and can then relax. It is very important that this is a contract that you are both completely happy with, a one sided contract is a recipe for disaster.


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