Choosing a wedding photographer ? Session 13

What should I look for when choosing my wedding photographer ? Session 13. How long before we see our wedding  photographs?

The time taken until you see your wedding photographs is dependant upon a few things. How big your wedding was and therefore how many photographs your wedding photographer took. How many other lots of wedding photographs they have that need dealing with as well. Are they full-time wedding photographers or part-time only, this can make quite a difference if they have a ‘day job’ which stops them concentrating on your photographs.

It is quite usual for you as the bride and groom to expect to be able to see your photographs on your return from your honeymoon, and depending on the circumstances and arrangements you make with your wedding photographer for him or her to email you with a couple on your honeymoon.

The whole process of choosing the images for your wedding album is more drawn out, and is controlled by when you are all available.

The production of the album is dependent on just how bespoke it is. If you are simply choosing thirty prints to go as 6 x 9” in an off-the shelf album that will be very much quicker, but debatably not the right way of presenting the images if you have contracted the best wedding photographer on the planet. If it is the best wedding photographer in London,  Hampshire, Dorset or Wiltshire then you will want a carefully designed handmade album that will display your selected images beautifully and appropriately – that will take weeks, especially if the your best wedding photographer in London,  Hampshire, Dorset or Wiltshire is very booked up.

You may wish to negotiate with your wedding photographer that some of the pictures are put online for you to view on your honeymoon – this works for some couples, but others would rather wait until they return. In my opinion it is a much more rewarding experience to sit down with your wedding photographer and view your images on a decent sized screen than to be viewing them smaller online, a real ‘added value’.



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