Choosing a wedding photographer ? Session 15

What should I look for when choosing my wedding photographer ? Session 15. Why not use my friend?

History is full of weddings where there is no decent wedding photography. Maybe you have a friend who recently launched a portrait studio and they’ve offered to shoot your wedding free of charge. While it may seem like a brilliant money-saving solution, you risk damaged or wrecked relationships if they mess up. Weddings are a tough job with a lot of variables — just because your friend takes beautiful photos of babies crawling around their well lit studio, it doesn’t mean he knows how to work in the extremely challenging conditions that can occur in a church or registry office, or at the reception. And what if you don’t like the images? What if your images get lost because your friend has no file-backup system? What if your friend and one of the bridesmaids become rather more interested in each other than you? Are they still going to be sober by the first dance? Conclusion: When you’re choosing a wedding photographer, choose a professional wedding photographer.


I can make you look beautiful for nothing.

To ensure your confidence in our wedding photography we offer the pre-wedding shoot before you sign the contract.

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