Choosing a wedding photographer ? Session 3

What should I look for when choosing my wedding photographer ? Session 3. The pre-wedding shoot.

What is a pre-wedding shoot and is it important?

A pre-wedding shoot is when you meet up with your chosen wedding photographer and head out to a location of your choice to capture some romantic images of the two of you. In some cases it’s the first time you will have met since you commissioned him or her. It’s a great time to meet over coffee and chat through some of your ideas and dreams, talk through who’s who at the wedding, and to start that ever – so important working relationship – the rapport between you and the mutual confidence that comes with it.

It gives the wedding photographer an insight as to how you as a couple will be in front of the camera, and in many cases will be what allows you to be calmer and completely trusting on the day of your wedding as you see how skilled your chosen photographer is.  The best way for you as a couple to relax for your wedding is to know that the photography is in good hands, if after your pre-wedding photo shoot you don’t feel it is, then relay this to your photographer in a very gracious way, and walk away. You will lose your deposit, but that surely is better than knowing that you’ve chosen the wrong professional to do your wedding. It doesn’t mean they’re a bad photographer, just that they’re not right for you. This is where the pre-wedding photo shoot is so valuable.

There are a huge number of brides, and probably even more grooms who would say “I hate having my photographs taken”  or “I’m not at all photogenic”. They may be worried about blemishes, scars or the like, and it gives them and their wedding photographer the chance to work out how best to overcome the issue, and to ensure that at the end of the day they have a set of stunning photographs.

There are a few photographers around who want to be sure that  you trust  in their ability to do the best job for you, and that you feel comfortable working with them that they will offer the pre-wedding photo shoot before expecting you to sign the contract. This can only be a good thing.


I can make you look beautiful for nothing.

To ensure your confidence in our wedding photography we offer the pre-wedding shoot before you sign the contract.

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