Choosing a wedding photographer ? The Topics

What should I look for when choosing a professional wedding photographer? I need fabulous wedding photographs.

This is one of the most common questions to be asked by a bride when seeking out the right people to supply her wedding services, or even by the mother of the bride, depending on who is organising the wedding, or who is paying for the wedding photography. Regardless of whether you are getting married in a castle in Dorset, getting hitched in Hampshire or a sumptuous wedding in Switzerland, the same questions apply.

To make it easier I have put together a series of sub-articles to help you with the general topics listed below, in no real order of importance apart for sessions one and two.

  1. Someone you both trust and you both like.
  2. What style is right for you.
  3. The pre-wedding shoot.
  4. Know your budget, it’s flexibility and how important having wedding photographs are.
  5. Understand why professional wedding photography costs what it does.
  6. Do you have your wedding photographs on a DVD or in an album.
  7. It’s all about you, but……….the best way to get the best wedding photographs.
  8. Do you leave it to them, or give them a list. Are they into prize-winning?
  9. Your working relationship with your photographer.
  10.  How large an area should I search in for a professional wedding photographer.
  11. Professional bodies, Wedding Photography Insurance and Wedding Photography Contracts.
  12. Do I need more than one photographer at my wedding?
  13. How long before we see our wedding photographs?
  14. What’s in the box?
  15. Why not use my friend?
  16. What can go wrong, and how to deal with it.

I can make you look beautiful for nothing.

To ensure your confidence in our wedding photography we offer the pre-wedding shoot before you sign the contract.

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