Photography courses in Wiltshire.

Some dates for Michael Blyth Photography Creative Photography Courses 2014.

Great news. We have finally got some dates for those of you who have been asking for some photographic courses to inspire your photography. Are you looking for photographic courses in Wiltshire or perhaps for photography courses in Dorset? Well the good news is that this demand will be met in one wonderful venue – Pyt House Walled Garden and Cafe, which is right on the border of Wiltshire and Dorset.



Mitch Earl, that great Australian caterer who runs the place for the owner Sir Henry Rumbold, has invited me to run some courses there, and the first  two will be one day photographic courses run on the 7th and 9th May 2014.

The venue for those of you who are not acquainted with it is an old walled garden, have a look at the website even though the photos are not mine!  It is a place full of fascinating opportunities to take the most wonderful photographs.

Although I am best known as a portrait and wedding photographer, this is not what I will be doing with you, although I am of a mind to ask Cole & Co, the wonderful ladies boutique in Shaftesbury to come and supply some clothes for a later course. You could take turns to model while the others photograph – that would be a hoot!

I will be setting out to inspire you to look at things differently, which you will then learn to photograph effectively. The cost of the course is £95 to include the coffee/tea when you arrive, a good luncheon and tea before you go. Places are limited to 15 attendees on each day so don’t hang around. The minimum age is 18.


At the moment it looks as if we will start at 10 a.m and finish about 4.30. We considered finishing earlier than this so that mothers of young children could pick them up from school, but feel that this makes the day so short that you would rather have a more fulfilling day and arrange for someone to pick them up for you.

Call us for details 01747 830123, or complete the enquiry form.


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