Strawberry Fox

A sunny afternoon’s commercial portrait photography in Hampshire.

I was invited to attend the opening of the latest shop in the The Strawberry Fox range. Located in the high street in Stockbridge this new addition to Theresa and Simon Wood’s group of ladies fashion shops will surely be welcomed by the ladies who migrate to this lovely little town, tempted by the cafes and shops;  John Robinson the butchers, The Greyhound Inn, Orvis, The Owl and Pussycat, and the Thyme & Tides Deli.

I am sure The Strawberry Fox will go down well in this area of hampshire and will be of special appeal to those seeking ‘mother of the bride’ outfits in Wiltshire as well as Hampshire. Thinking about it, and seeing the wide range of stock it will be of appeal as a source of clothing for the younger generation, going away outfits, with the most gorgeous handbags and the like. As a wedding photographer in Hampshire I realise this town must be of great appeal to those seeking all the paraphernalia that such events require.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, with a bevy of models strolling the main street chatting to locals and visitors, and posing for publicity photographs. Here are a few of the images.

Going away outfit from The Strawberry Fox in Stockbridge.

I could not resist the combination of the model with this wonderful hat, and the light reflected by the River Test.


Pink hat and 'real' telephone boxes, Stockbridge

I know the colours are supposed to be unacceptable together but I love the clash this produces in this portrait.



Hat from Strawberry Fox

Another shot of that wonderful hat that to me as a portrait photographer just ‘worked’ against the cream wall.

Dramatic hat from Strawberry Fox modelled by Marie-Claire

Theresa’s daughter Marie-Claire works very naturally when modelling. This hat looks stunning and would make a great wedding hat.


One would hardly think of Stockbridge as a site for wildlife photography in Wiltshire, but that wonderful and world famous chalkstream The River Test with its tiny side-streams permeates the town and makes bird photography and fish photography a real possibility. There were a few little extras that I photographed that were just as beautifully dressed and that seem to epitomise Stockbridge, the Mallard set against the reflected blue summer sky, and the large trout that lie in wait to surprise visitors.

Trout in feeder stream on River Test, Stockbridge.

There is a small feeder stream that opens out by the side of the road and is a source of awed fascination for man and child alike.

Mallard duck on feeder stream. River Test, Stockbridge.

Mallard ducks are wonderful to photograph, and the reflection of the blue sky made this a wonderful moment.


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