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Website Photography at North Cadbury Court Wedding Venue in Somerset


One of my earlier blogs referred to us being appointed as recommended suppliers for wedding photography at North Cadbury Court, that  wonderful venue that is fast becoming one of the most prestigious wedding venues in Somerset.


I went the other day to photograph the house for website pictures – it was a perfect late spring morning, with the trees bearing their fresh leaves, so bright at this time of year. The wisteria and even some narcissi are still out, yet paeonies as well. If I was a bride looking for a wedding venue I would find North Cadbury Court very hard to resist, it is not only a prestigious wedding venue but so easy to feel at home in, and the most fabulous place for us as Wedding Photographers who specialise in relaxed reportage style wedding photographs, perhaps more accurately known as freestyle wedding photography.


Inside the house, the sun was streaming through every window it could reach, and to fling open doors and let in the warmth and smell of freshly cut grass put me in mind of what Heaven might be like (not sure who cuts the grass there, perhaps me when I get there!). Photographs, even the best, do not do the interior of North Cadbury Court justice, the contrast of the interior and the dazzling brightness coming in is a challenge to any camera. Without extra lighting, which would I believe ruin the atmosphere,  I cannot claim to have got anywhere near to capturing the true atmosphere!


Upstairs is mind-blowing. Why? Because there is not one bedroom that would not be acceptable to stay in, some obviously are more lovely than others, but there is not sense of commonality about them, each is wonderfully different. The views from the South facing windows across to the hills beyond must provide one of the most stunning English scenes for the bride and groom to wake up to after their wedding.


I sneaked up to the roof, where there are exciting plans afoot, and the view was to die for. A few puffy clouds that had crept in from the North added excitement to the images, and the view against the light to Camelot whence comes the name and milk for the cheese for which the owners of North Cadbury Court the Montgomery’s are well known .


I had elevenses in the kitchen, a good hot cuppa and a chunk of Montgomery’s Extra Mature  Cheddar, what a cheese! I wandered into the gardens after my little smackeral, although the house must be one of the most perfect wedding venue’s in England, the owners still have improvements in mind, little things like carefully placed lighting, a new set of steps to the lawn, and continued work on the outhouses. It is not a venue where what has been done is it all, like any top hotel, or country house wedding venue the evolution continues.


For the bride who wants the perfect country wedding venue, it is here, with perfect flowers by Nicky Llewellyn, amazing food by Victoria Blashford-Snell or Parsnipmash, and some wonderful wedding photography by Louise and me at Michael Blyth Photography.


Sadly I could not stay there for ever, eating the most wonderful cheese, in Heaven, but at least as one of the recommended wedding photographers we will be back.


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