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Recommended Professional Wedding Photographers in Somerset – North Cadbury Court.

Michael Blyth Photography have been added as one of the small list of professional wedding photographers to be recommended to brides having their weddings at North Cadbury House, and we are the only Wiltshire wedding photographers to be on the list.


Wedding detail shot


This is truly one of the most exciting links we have forged in a long time, and comes about as the result of a long standing working relationship and friendship with Nicky Llewellyn of Nicky Llewellyn Flowers,  who was kind enough to introduce us as wedding photographers. So what is so exciting about North Cadbury Court? Well apart from being dramatically beautiful, it does not carry the restrictions you might assume from such a wonderful place. You have a huge amount of choice, and are effectively renting a country cottage for however  long you want, except it is a country house that can sleep 41  adults and 9 children, and can entertain a whole bunch more. For us as professional wedding photographers it has the most wonderful light and is a backdrop that epitomises so much that is England. Oh yes, and you can have your wedding there!



We have worked alongside Nicky at a number of venues, most notably as Dorset wedding photographers at Lulworth Castle, and when working as wedding photographers in Wiltshire at Sheldon Manor.  Nicky produces the most astounding floral arrangements. She is often copied by others, but if you want original thought then she is the person to approach. She is the very best florist we have had the pleasure to work with.


Another aspect of North Cadbury Court is that the list of recommended suppliers includes two of the best we have ever worked with: Victoria Blashford-Snell has been recommending us as wedding photographers for some years,  is great to work with and produces mouthwatering food beautifully.  The other is Parsnip Mash, run by Simon Goodman. We met last year when we were wedding photographers at Cleeve House in Wiltshire. Like Victoria’s his food is amazing, served with style and panache.







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