Choosing a wedding photographer ? Session 1

What should I look for when choosing my wedding photographer ? Session 1. Liking and trusting them.

  • Choose a wedding photographer you both trust

If your wedding photography is important to you then it is wise to be sure you can stand back and relax, trusting the photographer to turn up, capture brilliant images, and do all the things that are necessary. They need to be totally professional, but ‘professional’ can mean different things. After all if you want someone to do the currently outmoded “Formal” Weddings shots, cut the cake and to then go, their professionalism does not need to include much interaction with the guests beyond lining them up and shooting them!  With the more ‘free-range’ style the real professional will need to interact in such a way that you and your guests will be happy to respond as if it was another guest taking the photograph, the right attire, the right accent even, and most important the right attitude – if they have the right attitude to you, they are likely to have the same with your guests.

  • Choose a wedding photographer you both like

A photographer may produce the most amazing pictures but if you don’t ‘gel’ with her or him, then walk away and use someone else. Choose the right photographer (s) and they are likely to become friends, and will probably photograph other occasions in your life, your children as they grow up, special parties, or even the products for that little online business you’re setting up. Oh and make sure you and your fiancé agree on this, it’s not good that you like him or her but your fiancé cannot stand the person. Even parents can be a good source of gut-feeling on this, now I’m not suggesting you let them influence the style of wedding photography you choose, but they may be quite good at character assessment.


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To ensure your confidence in our wedding photography we offer the pre-wedding shoot before you sign the contract.

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