Choosing a wedding photographer ? Session 4

What should I look for when choosing my wedding photographer ? Session 4. Your budget, and how important the photographs are.


  • Know your wedding photography budget, and it’s flexibility

 Many many young couples, and even more so their parents get an almighty shock when they discover how much a really good wedding photographer will cost. It is worth doing a little research on this before blowing a fuse with the first photographer who gives you a figure. If photos are important to you and you want to be sure of the best then you are looking at upwards of £2000. Have a look section six.

  • How important are wedding photographs anyway?

This is really intertwined with your budget because unless you have someone footing the bill who will write cheques without blinking and groaning (if it’s Daddy he’ll probs groan anyway!) then you need to put things in order if importance – after all expensive champagne works through the system as quickly as the cheap stuff, and the flowers often end up in a heap the next day, but for many carry a huge importance.

Realistically a carefully designed album with details and portraits of you and your guests is likely to be the best long-term investment in memories of your wedding. One of the nicest things to do is not look at it everyday, but on special occasions when it’s freshness is inspiring – if you end up with children, sit down with them on your anniversary and go through it.  Obviously as a photographer I have a bias, but even standing back and looking at what our more focused clients concentrate on, memories are usually right up at the top of the list, and it’s good wedding photography that contributes so much – how else do you remember all the details, the guests, the laughter, the wedding itself?

  • Why should you invest in a good wedding photographer?

If there’s one thing a bride and groom shouldn’t scrimp on, it’s the photography. The flowers will be dead in a few days. A bad DJ sounds ok after a glass of wine. And your guests aren’t there to sample gourmet food. But the photography is something that can only be done once, and the photographs last forever – not just one day. They will be the one thing you, your parents, your children and your friends will look back at for years to come. To remember your wedding day fully you need to get them right.

  • Should I choose a full-time or part-time wedding photographer for my wedding

There are advantages to both types of wedding photographer, a part – time wedding photographer is unlikely to suffer from the  ‘burn out’ of squeezing too many weddings in and not being able to fully cope, and there are some very good part-time wedding photographers out there. However they are unlikely to be able to offer you the service and time that a full-time professional wedding photographer can. Generally speaking  a full time photographer has many more advantages, he is a full time photographer because he is good enough to survive in a very competitive field, and survival means getting all the aspects right, certainly at the top end of the market. One thing though is to consider going for a wedding photographer who specializes in portrait photography as well – preferably non-studio based. Having a dual ability allows for passion to remain rather than be worn thin by the sheer number of weddings being covered, and the subsequent tendancy to become too repetitive in style, and one of the gems that can result is heart-stopping images of the bride.


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