Choosing a wedding photographer ? Session 14

What should I look for when choosing my wedding photographer ? Session 14. What’s in the box?

At the end of the day your final choice may bring you up with the hard decision between one or more photographers who you feel will provide you with the service you are seeking. So how do you decide, you’ve met them. like them, like their style and all that. Well why don’t you see ‘what’s in the box’? This is a phrase I picked up at a wedding seminar and refers to what each photographer is offering as part of their service, what it costs – or doesn’t and how it compares.

You may find it helpful to make up a list of the features that are important (perhaps an Excel Spreadsheet) and whether they are included by each photographer or are extras and if so how much they cost. You may find that one photographer offers a larger album but with fewer images, or a range of albums with different options at different prices.

Working through your list should help you to decide what are the actual likely costs – or perhaps you are feeling inclined towards one particular wedding photographer but there is something that is missing, so contact them to see whether they can help.

Open communication on a win-win basis so that you get what you are seeking, and the photographer is happy with what he or she is getting, is the best aim for all parties.


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