Choosing a wedding photographer ? Session 6

What should I look for when choosing my wedding photographer ? Session 6. Am I better to have a DVD of my wedding images than an album?

Tempted by a wedding photographer who will do your wedding photography for a really ‘nice price’ and will give you all the images on a DVD? Now have you thought through what you’d with a DVD of images. You’ve spent months organizing the wedding of your dreams, spent a tidy sum on shoes, a fortune on the dress and the food – OK so you’re going to have to make do with Aunt Bess’s cake that she’s making – and the very channel to bring these memories to life is stuck on a DVD. Perhaps you’ll stick them on Facebook, Twitter or whatever is your chosen social communicator.

Surely a carefully designed album that tells the story of your day, or a frame with a selected dozen images to greet you as you come downstairs is perhaps the best way to display your wedding photographs. Corruption or loss of your storage medium, DVD or memory stick would be very sad, and you cannot rely on your photographer having kept them, even the best occasionally suffer failure of hard drives etc.

OK so you’ve thought it through and decided you will go for the wedding photographer who will stick it on a DVD,  then please do get the images printed properly, there is very little sense in not going to a professional lab and entrusting the work to them. If you cannot find one then feel free to contact us at and we can advise. And do it ASAP or your wedding photographs may never really happen, you’ll forget, you’ll move to a new place and lose them………..

Oh yes, and there are all too many wedding photographers who will photograph your wedding for very little and stick the images on a DVD, but that is all they will do. You may well discover that they have not adjusted or balanced the images, they may even have not done anything other than a very brief deselection and you’ll end up with the good and the bad, and if you go back and want them adjusted they will charge by the hour or the image. There are very few digital images that do not need some degree of adjustment before they print at their best. Do check the contract to be sure what you are getting, and ask if you are not sure.



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