Choosing a wedding photographer ? Session 7

What should I look for when choosing my wedding photographer ? Session 7. It’s all about you, but……….getting the best wedding photographs.

Yes the customer is always right, you the bride and groom are the focus of all the attention and your dreams and wishes for your wedding day are there to be fulfilled as much as humanly possible.

But, and yes there is a but, if your chosen professional wedding photographer is allowed to work with you rather than for you then he or she will be more content and you can expect even more beautiful wedding photographs.

You may have some stunning ideas, and you may have worked out exactly how they are going to work, but you may just be wrong, have missed out something vital or a tiny change that would make the photographs work and enable your wedding photographer to produce results that portray the magic moment best. You may have a great idea but there’s not going to be enough light for the wedding photographer without resorting to flash may kill the moment – romance by flashlight is not great romance.

Some of the best ‘first dance’ photographs are done by available light, they may be full of blur but will ooze finesse and ‘moment’ – put a flashgun in there and it’s stone dead. If first dance photographs are hugely important then subtly increase the lighting levels, or find a photographer who is really comfortable about using several flashes set up off-camera which can make the moment ‘work’.

Really professional wedding photographers will always do their best to get the best images possible in the given circumstances, but if you both sit down with them and work through the practicality of what you have in mind then your chances of the shot being right, and you being happy are very much greater. Do bear in mind that all professional photographers have a business to run, and will have allowed only so much time in their budgeting for this sort of thing so if you want to discuss every moment in detail then you should offer to pay by the hour on top of what they normally charge.


I can make you look beautiful for nothing.

To ensure your confidence in our wedding photography we offer the pre-wedding shoot before you sign the contract.

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