Choosing a wedding photographer ? Session 8

What should I look for when choosing my wedding photographer ? Session 8. Do you leave it to them, or give them a list? Are they into prize-winning?

If you are employing a photographer to take any formal wedding photographs then it really is best to give him or her a list, and really great if you assign an usher or someone who knows the family. Otherwise it is often best to trust to their artistic flair to capture the right images. Having said that, if your venue holds something very special for you then it is worth communicating that to them, clearly!

Oh, and if your parents are likely to want some particular shots it is kind to them, and only fair on your wedding photographer to let him know and include space for them to be taken, it will be the wedding photographer who will be blamed at the end of the day – much easier to have a scapegoat than a family row, but not really fair on the wedding photographer who has asked what you would like but you’ve not bothered to check it out with your parents .


There are a number of photographers who get many of their commissions as a direct result of being able to advertise themselves as ‘prize-winning’. Now don’t misunderstand me, they produce some fantastic photography, and are perfect for certain clients, particularly the ‘Consider artistic wedding photography” type. The only reason this is in here at all is that I have had a number of my portrait photography clients comment that the photographer who covered their wedding was more interested in getting the images that might be good for a competition entry. So if you are happy to be part of something extra creative then great, but if you want something that is closer to reality then let them know, or choose another wedding photographer.


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