Choosing a wedding photographer ? Session 9

What should I look for when choosing my wedding photographer ? Session 9. Your working relationship with your wedding photographer?

Ok so you need to work out the relationship you feel is appropriate with your wedding photographer, if they are doing formal shots then formality is probably quite acceptable. If you are employing the best wedding photographer in Dorset or Wiltshire to take hundreds of wonderful images of you and your guests at your wonderful Lulworth Castle Wedding, then to treat them like a servant is a waste of time, money and effort. A fabulous relaxed venue and chilled out guests calls for you to treat your chosen wedding photographer with some esteem – no you don’t need to bow to them, but do allow them the respect of being treated like a guest, they will produce the style of image that will be the envy of your friends and will make your album so special. Everyone likes to feel appreciated!

Some of the most memorable images of your wedding may well be those taken during the wedding breakfast, the food being served, the laughter at the speeches and all the fun that goes with it. The extra few pounds on the catering bill to sit your photographer at one of the tables with the guests rather than down in the cellar is likely to reap real reward with the photographs they will produce – there are guests we have not seen since our wedding 22 years ago, we’d have much rather spent the money on someone more ‘useful’ to fill the seat.

Another point here is that your wedding photographers will get much better photographs if the guests see them as guests, they are far more likely to turn with a smile  – which is surely what you want in your photographs isn’t it? A page or two in your album of smiling guests is a fabulous addition.

I’ve mentioned it elsewhere in this series but it’s worth repeating – a really good mutual relationship between you guys and your wedding photographer is priceless, for one thing fabulous pictures on the wall are more likely to hold your marriage together in the tough times than just fading memories, Marriage is more than just a one day wonder, it requires constant attention and work, but boy it’s worth it, and good images from that amazingly special day are there to look back on and go forward with! C.S. Lewis wrote in his book ‘ The Four Loves’ of two people side by side facing all that life has to throw at them – I interpret that to mean  the bad, the ugly and the good (yes that as well), and it takes determination, love and grace to stand side by side through some of these, especially if it’s something one of you two has done to put a strain on that marriage. Oh and praying together helps a million.


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